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Avalon Waterways offers ships that reinvent the whole ship experience starting with uniquely expansive verandas with spacious rooms.   Avalon staterooms have larger windows and redesigned verandas that make the most of the scenery passing by.   

Avalon has also re-designed how passengers view excursions.   It created the Avalon Choice program which offers three forms of excursions for you to pick from (Classic, Discovery and Active).    Avalon includes multiple excursions at each port allowing you to find the perfect fit for you.     

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Avalon has the Most Innovative Rooms and Balconies

Avalon is on the cutting edge of cabin design which enriches the whole verandah experience.   They offer large, spacious staterooms with some of the largest windows in the industry.  They entirely redesigned verandas to bring the comforts of the cabin to the outdoor expanse of passing villages, castles and countrysides.  

This agency has completed Advanced River Cruise training and has expert level knowledge and experience to help plan your next vacation.

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