What To Pack

Things to Consider When Planning Clothes for a Cruise

Your destination will dictate much of what you pack.  Nonetheless, there are some common basics.    Attire aboard a cruise generally falls within 3 categories: 

Casual:  This is classical relaxed vacation attire including jeans, sundresses, polos and other relaxed clothing.  

Smart Casual:  This is a hybrid between casual and formal attire.   It takes casual up a notch, but not so dressy as formal.   Smart casual includes slacks, sports coats, skirts, pantsuits and nicer dresses.  

Formal: This is the night to really pull out the nice clothes from your best suits to sequins cocktail dresses.   Plan to dazzle on formal night. Its a great night also to get formal pictures while you are all dressed up.  

You will have to check with your itinerary for the suggested attire for your cruise. 

Laundry:  Some ships offer laundry service and self-service laundry facilities to accommodate longer sailings.  Passengers in many suite classes enjoy laundry service included.  

Shoes: You will want to plan to bring a pair of pool shoes (flip flops, crocs, etc), a comfortable pair of shoes for exploring such as sneakers, and a pair of formal shoes for the dressier evenings.

What Bathroom Items to Pack on a Cruise

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There are some ways to make your personal hygiene routine more comfortable while aboard.  Pack your usual tooth care as that will not be provided.     

Like a hotel, toiletries are often times provided by the cruise line.  However, some cruise lines have seriously scaled down their included and provided toiletries. 

For this reason, we recommend bringing travel size bottles of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotions and soaps.   This will assure that you will have what you are accustom to and enjoy.   

Important Things Not to Forget on a Cruise

  • passport
  • drivers license
  • certified birth certificate
  • boarding passes for flights and ship
  • insurance documents
  • ​full itinerary
  • wallet
  • medications
  • sun burn lotion and basic first aid
  • lip balm

What Miscellaneous Items to Pack on a Cruise



  • binoculars
  • ​power strip with USB charging spots
  • printed itinerary to put in your cabin so you can easily see where you will be when
  • Day pack for embarkation and debarkation day when your luggage is unavailable
  • portable chargers for electronic devices
  • ​sunglasses

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