Wedding Cruises

Wedding Cruises

Cruise ship weddings provide fairy tale weddings at romantic, exotic locations around the world for a fraction of the cost of land based weddings.  Cruise ship weddings and vow-renewals are becoming more and more popular with very good reason.  

In 1998 Princess Cruises pioneered weddings and vow-renewal ceremonies by having the first chapel onboard the Grand Princess.  Princess Cruise Line’s Tie the Knot program is wildly popular and has rapidly grown and expanded with the wave of demand.  Other cruise lines quickly followed suit by adding chapels to their ships and creating wedding programs and packages.  

Cruise Ship Weddings Can Take Place At A Variety of Settings

  • Aboard the Cruise Ship: Many ships now have gorgeous chapels for weddings aboard officiated by the Captain


  • Harborside Package: Having the ceremony at the embarkation port allows friends and family members to attend the ceremony before the couple embarks for their honeymoon​  
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Destination Package:  Having the ceremony performed while the ship is in port at one of the itinerary destinations.  For example, a ship itinerary that stops in St. Kitts can have the ceremony on the island while the ship is in port. 

Benefits of Cruise Ship Weddings

  • Cruise ship weddings cost a fraction of the cost of land based weddings
  • Average cost of a land based wedding is $25,000 (excluding the honeymoon)
  • Princess Cruise Line wedding packages start at $2,250 (which includes officiant, live music, flowers, photography, wedding cake, champagne for the couple, license fees and a wedding certificate.  Receptions start at only $21 per person.  It is very possible to keep wedding expenses down to $5,000 without compromising.
  • Vow renewal packages with Princess Cruise Line start at just $220.  
  • Cruise ship weddings offer much more value for each dollar spent that land based weddings
  • Incredible value and memorable experience

Romantic Destinations: Cruises take the happy couple to world renowned romantic locations such as Tahiti, Hawaii, Caribbean and Europe.  

​While aboard, they get to visit multiple romantic destinations with the convenience of unpacking only once and while still enjoying gourmet dining, professional entertainment and comfortable accommodations all included in the fare.  

  • Cruise ship wedding packages are customization to fit every bride’s wishes and dreams come true

  • Cruise ship weddings are romantic, enjoyable, stress free wedding experience


Services Included in Package Wedding Cruises and Vow-Renewal Cruises



Wedding group travel services include:

  • Wedding planner
  • Officiant coordinating
  • Reception Planning
  • Photography and videography
  • Catering
  • Full bar
  • Flowers
  • Live music
  • Custom wedding cake
  • Tuxedo rental
  • And many other planning details included

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