Group Cruise Secrets

Top 3 Secrets To An Enjoyable Group Cruise

Secret #1 Group Cruise Secret: Pick a Group Leader

There are many decisions to be made in planning a group cruise.  The first thing that needs to be done in planning for a group cruise, is that the group needs to pick a leader who will plan and make key decisions for the group such as which cruise to take.  This eliminates confusion and also streamlines the process.   It also frees up the other members of the group from having to plan the cruise details.  

The Group Leader could also enjoy perks such as a free cruise.  If occupancy minimums are met, most cruise lines will grant groups free cruise fares for their leaders.  However, cruise taxes and port charges are not included.  More information on free cruise benefits for the leader can be found by clicking here. 
Our group cruise specialists work as partners with the Group Leader by providing the following services:
  • Picking the cruise that fits the needs of the group
  • Picking the best group discounts and amenities.
  • We coordinate every group member having the type of cabin they want.  
  • ​We plan group shore excursions and tours.  We can even plan private customized shore excursions exclusively for your group. 
  • We provide a free group website where group members can learn about the trip and book their accommodations directly on the website. No need for the Group Leader to take orders or payment information.  We simplify and automate this whole process.
  • We plan flights and hotel stays if needed for group members.
  • We plan travel insurance for the group members
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Group Cruise Discounts specialists eliminate the stress of planning and coordinating group travel or a group cruise.  We are the experts in this and are here for you.   We can provide you with free planning and cruise quotes.  Call us at (208) 277-6822.

Secret #2 Book Early

Booking early was almost was put as Secret #1.  It’s that important.   Booking early is key to stress-free group cruise planning. ​​

Early booking means the best deals.  More often that not, the launch fares (fares offered the first week the cruise itinerary was released) are the lowest prices the cruise will ever sell for.  If fares were to drop below launch fares, we can re-fare your reservations under the lower fares anytime before final payment.  So there is no point waiting for fares to drop.  Reserve the cabin you want and if prices go down, we will re-fare your reservation.  It provides you with the best of both worlds - great cabin assured with the lowest rate available.   

Availability of Connecting & Family Size Cabins:  Booking early means there will be more family sized cabins and connecting cabins available.  Did you know that suites and large size family accommodations are usually the first cabins to be booked and sell out faster than any other cabin category?  

Summer / Spring Break / Winter Break?  If you are planning on traveling during any school break, booking early will give you the best chances at the itinerary, cabins and prices you want.

Less Stress:  Booking early helps eliminate stress of wondering whether you will be able to get your desired itinerary, cabins or price.  It lets you enjoy the process of dreaming up and planning your group cruise.  ​​

Secret #3 Group Cruise Secret: Don’t Miss the Boat!

Often times flights are delayed.  These delays can lead to missing connecting flights.  With a limited number of flights each day, sometimes this causes airline passengers to arrive at their destinations hours, a day or sometimes days late.   

If cruise passengers do not check in on time, the ship will leave without them.   If the passengers bought cruise line insurance, the insurance will most likely fly them to the next port to meet the boat. By the time they meet the ship, they would have lost days from their cruise.  This is a most unfortunate situation for all involved.

One easy and enjoyable way to avoid the stress of traveling on embarkation day and to significantly reduce the chance of missing the boat, is to arrive at the port city as least one day in advance of the cruise.   You will be able to enjoy a pre-cruise stay exploring the port city, essentially starting your vacation a day or more early.   Plus on embarkation day, you do not have to be stressed out about missing the boat.  We encourage all our clients to arrive at the port city at least one day in advance of embarkation day.

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