Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions

Cruise lines offer optional excursions at the ports your cruise will be visiting.  An alternative to paying the high price of cruise line excursions is using a port side excursion company.  


All of these offer the following:

  • Up to a 40% saving from similar cruise line excursions
  • A wide variety of excursions
  • A money back guarantee
  • Guaranteed return to ship

Check out exciting tours for your trip

Full Day Excursion to a Private Island + Pigs from Nassau

Private Exuma Swimming Pigs at Big Major Cay, Sharks & Iguanas

Famous Exuma Swimming Pigs at Big Major Cay, Sharks & Iguanas

Booking your shore excursion early is advisable to enjoy the largest selection of excursion options as excursions have a limited capacity and do fill up.   

Please note that excursions booked through these partners are operated by these partners and not by the cruise line.  

Before booking, always double check the times of the tour compared to the times your ship will be i port.  Also double check the arrangements for meeting up with the tour.  We are happy to assist in helping coordinate these details. 

We also offer customized, private excursions at most ports.   Read more about our private group excursions here.  

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