Group Cruise Benefits

Great Group Discounts and Group Amenities

Why are so many people choosing to take a cruise for their group trips? 

Group cruises offer a fantastic opportunity to get fabulous group discounts along with free group amenities that provide superb value to your vacation dollars.   Read more here about group cruise discounts and group amenities.  

​Plus, as groups travel, they earn free cruise fares.  The more people travel, the more free cruises are won. Read more about free cruises for groups here.  

Its All Included

The cruise fare pays for very comfortable accommodations, gourmet dining throughout the day, professional nightly entertainment, cabin service and so much more.  On some cruises, the fare also includes unlimited drinks and excursions at every port.  With so many inclusions, the cruise fare is a true bargain in the travel world.

Options for A Variety of Budgets, Interests and Activity Levels

Cruises are an excellent choice for multi-generational vacationing.  There are ample choices for a variety of vacation budgets with less expensive inside cabins to more luxurious and exclusive suites where every detail is considered by private butlers.   

Cruises can accommodate anyone from solo travelers in studio cabins to four bedroom suites for large families.   Cabins can be connecting to create a 2 room living area for up to 8 people.  Both the accommodations and costs are very flexible.  This is a key reason why so many family reunions choose to book a cruise for the group travel.

​There are things for people of all ages and interests too including:

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  • Water parks with thrilling slides, pools, splash parks, hot tubs and even surfing wave pools
  • Full service spas, fitness centers and running tracks
  • Skydiving tunnels
  • Zip lines
  • Ice and roller skating rinks
  • Bumper cars
  • Trapeze training schools
  • Libraries and internet cafes
  • 24 hour room service, gourmet dining, specialty restaurants, lounges, cafes, pizzarias, bars, and buffets.
  • Food that is inspired by and sourced from the regions visited
  • Broadway style shows, ice skating shows, high diving shows, comedy and variety shows.
  • Lectures on destinations and wildlife of the area

Convenient Way To See Many Places

Convenient and Hassle Free Travel: True to its hassle-free vacation promise, on a cruise you only have to unpack once, you can travel all over the world.  It's kind of like taking your resort with you all around the world. 

Many Locations: Cruises leave from all coasts of the United States, from Hawaii, Alaska, West Coast, Gulf, and East Coast.   There are plenty of options near group members or close enough for them to travel comfortably to a port city.  For the more adventurous, there are cruises to the Antarctic, Galapagos Islands, Panama Canal, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Middle-East, Egypt, Russia, Australia and all around the globe.

A Variety of Things to Do:  Cruise lines have become masters at providing an abundance of activity for just about everyone.  Think of a cruise ship as a floating resort complete with an amusement park for all ages.   From adult only solarium, spas, pools libraries, lectures, bars and lounges, to family friendly water parks, theaters, arcades, and included professional children’s programs.  There are ships with shopping, gambling, fitness rooms, rock climbing walls, ice and roller skating rinks, bumper cars, trapeze circus schools, skydiving tunnels, wave pools, zip lining, and so much more.  Or, you can choose to do absolutely nothing at all.  With such a variety of entertainment options, a cruise can satisfy the most diverse interests and range of ages. 

Royal Caribbean iFly
Royal Caribbean iFly

Convenience and Comfort:  With a group cruise, the cleaning and cooking are all handled for you and included in the price.  Imagine a floating resort that moves from destination to destination.  You only unpack once, but get to explore multiple destinations in comfort. 

Repeat Customers Are The Highest Proof of Excellence and Satisfaction

Cruising enjoys a very high rate of happy, repeat customers.  Once a family reunion has gone on a cruise as a group, chances are very high that they will begin regular reunions onboard ships.   There is just no beating the convenience of having all the details handled while being able to explore multiple destinations in one trip.  

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