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Rewards and Incentives

Business incentive travel can come in several forms, and are customized each time to fulfill the goals and needs of each company and its employees and customers.  Some example rewards we have prepared and offered to other companies are:

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  • Cruise Certificate:  A certificate for a specific cabin class (suite/balcony/inside) on a designated number of night (3, 5, 7, etc. nights) cruise of the Caribbean.  


  • Cruise Credit:  A credit for a cruise in an amount chosen by the company (such as $2000), to be used as the recipient chooses.  This allows the recipient the maximum amount of flexibility in choosing what cruise s/he would like.  
  • Travel Certificate: A certificate for travel up to an amount designated by the company (such as $2000).  This certificate allows the award recipient to pick whatever travel they would like (ski trip, cruise, all inclusive island trip, rail Europe trip, Costa Rica, etc.).  


  • Custom Travel Certificate: A certificate for a custom travel experience as designated by the company or recipient. 

Sales Incentives - Growth Goals - Production Goals


X% Personal Increase: Incentive travel for sales persons increasing their sales by X%.  This way, every sales person, no matter where they are in sales, is given a realistic, do-able goal that results in a significant sales increase overall for the company.

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  • X% Company/Department Wide Increase: Incentive travel for entire departments when pre-designated sales / growth / production goals are met.  This encourages a "team" mentality as everyone works together for the common goal.  It also strengthens bonds as the travel together, making for a more satisfying work environment.


  • $X Increase: Incentive travel for sales persons who sell "X" dollars in sales, or adds "X" number of accounts.   

Custom Company Goals: Safety - Spot Bonus - Expense Reductions

Each company  has its own unique needs and goals.  Business incentive travel is a flexible and highly effective tool to motivate employees to go the extra mile to achieve unique company goals.   Here are some examples of how business incentive travel can be used to target unique, custom company goals:



  • Safety Goals:  Incentive travel can reward employees for achieving and maintaining target safety standards.  This could save a company significant amounts of money in insurance premiums when its employees consistently meet and exceed safety standards.   


  • Spot Bonus: Incentive travel can reward employees who go above and beyond what is expected or excel and stand out in some way.  

Expense Reduction:  Incentive travel can reward employees who spend below a certain % of their budget in any given category while still maintaining sales or production goals.  In this case, a portion of the savings can go to reward the department with incentive travel.  It is a way to painlessly economize and eliminate excess unnecessary spending.   

Employee Rewards, Recruiting and Retention

Business incentive travel and help companies with employee rewards, recruitment and retention.  Incentive travel programs can be custom crafted to meet these needs such as:

  • Sign On Bonus:  Incentive travel can sweeten the offer to encourage highly sought after prospective employees sign on with the company.  


  • X Years of Service Reward:  Incentive travel can reward employees for staying with the company.
    • 1 year anniversary with the company
    • 2 year or more anniversary qualifies the employee's spouse to come
    • 5 or more years with the company qualifies the employee for an upgraded cabin
    • Travel Certificate for $10,000 for staying with company for 10 years

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