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Cruise Incentive Travel Is Very Effective

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Gift certificates for cruises are ideal incentives and company morale boosters.    A company may give gift certificates towards a cruise or for the full fare.  They can use these gift certificates  in many ways such as:

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  • Annual President's Club or rewards for top performers
  • An award for reaching sales or utilization goals
  • An award for excellent service (employee of the year)
  • A thank you for reaching milestones such as working with the company for “x” number of years
  • An annual bonus that will create memorable trips and increase employee loyalty.  

A cruise as incentive travel can be more powerful and effective than even a cash bonus.  This is because a cash bonus is usually used to pay bills or expenses and does not create a lasting memory.  

​While appreciated by its recipient, it is soon forgotten as it does not create lasting bonds of camaraderie and goodwill between the recipient, the team who shared the experience, and the company.  


Cruise incentive travel, on the other hand, is used for a vacation that recipients will truly enjoy and cherish.  It will naturally and easily generate lasting and meaningful feelings and memorable experiences between all involved and the company who provided it. Moreover, the opportunity to achieve a team or individual family cruise is a strong motivator as team members and individual contributors look forward to attaining incentive travel opportunities in the future.  

Top 3 Reasons Incentive Travel Blows Cash Bonuses Away

Incentive Travel Can Make A Company Money

When structured properly, incentive travel will not cost a company money.  Rather, incentive travel will encourage employees to increase their sales and utilization.  It can also improve employee recruitment and retainment, thereby saving the company money.  This improved performance leads to more growth and profits for the company that in turn pays for the incentive program and more.

We specialize in crafting a customized incentive program for each of our clients.  We carefully take into consideration the goals and needs of the company as well as the costs of various travel options.   We purposefully choose travel options that will 1) meet the goals of the company and 2) deliver the most value for the money to the company and employees.   For example, consider the below comparison of costs vs. value included in various travel options:

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Properly Crafted Incentive Programs

We are incentive and leisure travel specialists who partner with businesses to create and manage incentive programs specifically designed to :

  • Keep work - life balance
  • Meaningful team building
  • Meet and exceed sales goals
  • Meet and exceed utilization and performance goals
  • Incentivize employees to reduce travel expenses
  • Increase perceived bonus and reward value
  • Increase employee recruiting and retention
  • Achieve customized company goals


Each incentive program is custom crafted to meet and exceed the needs of the business by achieving the business’s goals while simultaneously saving money and increasing sales.    We strive to partner with our clients and forge relationships that last for years.

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