Group Cruise FAQ

Group Cruise FAQ

What is a Group Cruise and Who is it For?

A group cruise is when a group of people book a certain number of cabins on the same ship and date, such as a family reunion.   Cruise lines have minimum numbers of cabins that need to be booked before a group can qualify for certain discounts, amenities and perks.  Read more about the requirements to qualify for group discounts here.  

Who Is a Group Cruise Appropriate For?

Group cruises are appropriate for family reunions, birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, weddings, meetings, events, lectures, incentive travel, club travel and so much more.  There are so very many advantages and benefits for cruising as a group.  Read more about who a group cruise is appropriate for here and the benefits of  group cruise here.  

What Are the Benefits of Cruising as a Group

From convenience to unsurpassed value for the vacation dollar, cruising as a group cannot be beat.   To read more about benefits of cruising as a group click here.  

Do Groups Get Discounts or Special Amenities?

When traveling in large numbers, groups can command special discounts and amenities.  Power in numbers.  Simple and very effective.  Read more about the benefits and discounts that groups can get when traveling together on a cruise here.  

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Can I Get a Free Cruise for Coordinating a Group?

Yes!  Once minimum cabin numbers are met (varying by cruise line), the cruise line will award the group a free berth (value of 1 cruise fare based on double occupancy).  Different cruise lines have different minimums to be met to earn a free cruise fare.  Read more about the requirements to be awarded a free cruise fare here.  

How Do I Share the Trip With Others?

We make sharing your group cruise with others a breeze.  We will set up a personalized website just for your group with share buttons.  The website can have pictures or stories and will provide all of the trip information and prices.  In fact, your group members can book their trips right from the group website.  So you do not have to keep track of your group member's bookings.  Read more about your free group cruise personalized website here.    See an example of a free group cruise website here.  

Do I Have to Coordinate My Group Member's Bookings or Payments?

You do not need to coordinate group members bookings or payments.  That is part of our free group travel planning services.  We set up a group website where each of the group members can see information about the group trip and make their bookings and payments.  Read more about our free group travel planning services here.    See an example group booking page here.

Do I Need a Deposit for Every Cabin We Will Be Booking?

Different cruise lines have different deposit policies.   Some allow you a block of cabins at a set rate without making a deposit until group members book one of the cabins.  Once a group member has booked a cabin, their deposit will be due on their cabin only.  Our group travel specialists will handle coordinating the payment of the down payment with the group member directly.   Read more about our free group travel coordinating service here.

Do All Group Members Have to Have the Same Kind of Stateroom

Absolutely not!   We will reserve different types of cabins for your group.  Then if a booking group member wants a cabin that we do not have reserved, we will most likely be able to get them the room they want added to the group to accommodate their requests.  We want everyone in the group to get exactly what they want and we will work to make that happen.   


Do I Need a Passport or Visa?

It is always best to travel with a passport that expires more than 6 months after your return date.  Some countries require this.  However, some closed-loop cruises departing out of and returning to the United States will only require a certified copy of the traveler’s birth certificate.  We always advise all clients to check with the US Department of State.   The US Department of State traveler’s checklist can be found here.  It is also very advisable to check to see if you need a visa for any foreign country you will be visiting.  

Will I Need Travel Protection?

Travel insurance is something that each traveler must consider when planning their trip.  You can get a free instant quote here

Can We Get Group Discounts on Shore Excursions Too?

Not only do we coordinate group discounts on shore excursions, but we also coordinate private excursions exclusively for your group.  Read more about our Free group shore excursion planning services here. 

Why Use Group Cruise Discounts

We are experts at coordinating and planning group travel.  Our FREE group travel planning coordination, booking and payment processing will make putting your group travel together a breeze.  We also set up a FREE group website to help coordinate your group travel.  We have extensive resources and partnerships that our clients benefit from by receiving great discounts, perks and excellent service.

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